North Georgia Freshwater Fishing

Fish Slayer Fishing – Lake Blue Ridge

Morganton, GA

Captain Len Slay has been fishing these mountainous waters his whole life. His best memories have all come on the water, and he decided to become a captain in order to share his knowledge and expertise, as well as the beautiful nature, with you.

Fish Slayer Fishing Guide

Ellijay, GA

The boat you’ll be fishing from is a 19-foot NauticStar, built in 2017 – it still has that new boat smell to it. It’s powered by a solid Yamaha outboard engine, with 115 HP of power. That’s quite enough for this shallow boat as it can develop a maximum cruising speed of 35 knots, sliding across the lakes in no time.

Dedicated Outdoors – Blueridge Lake

Morganton, GA

Take an amazing fishing adventure with Dedicated Outdoors. Captain Jonathan Batten has been hooked to fishing since he was a kid and there’s not a week in his life that he hasn’t gone fishing. With him by your side, you’ll have higher chances of a successful trip and a bucket full of fish. Capt. Johnatan goes above and beyond for his guests and he’ll tailor the trip to suit your needs and skill level.

Xtreme Trophy Angling Fishing

Oakman, GA

Come on aboard with Capt. Kagney, whose main priority is to get you on some fish. Expect to use techniques like light tackle, heavy tackle, bottom fishing, trolling, drift fishing, and jigging, based on the species you’re targeting. Speaking of which, you have the option of 6-hour trips, where you’ll be fishing for the likes of Catfish, Rainbow Trout, Walleye, and Bass, depending on the specific season and the day’s weather.