Ocean Springs Attractions

 Check out some of the local attractions in the Ocean Springs area! Gear up for a puzzling Escape Room, or unwind with the family on a fun mini golf course.

Banana’s Mini Golf & Arcade Ultimate Package

Biloxi-Gulfport, MS

Enjoy a round of mini golf and some gaming fun! Hit the greens on a tropical-themed, 18 hole miniature golf course that offers a challenging yet relaxing atmosphere day or night. After a round of golf guests can enjoy Dippin’ Dots and a soft drink before hitting the state of the art arcade for an entire hour and a half! Adults can play too or relax in the breezeway with frozen treats and adult beverages while the kids entertain themselves. Go bananas! Book today!

Top Secret Mission Escape Room

Biloxi-Gulfport, MS

Time travel to the 1940s with this top secret mission escape room. Private Investigator Owen Hunters has a top secret government file hidden somewhere in his office. A secret agency is on their way to his office to grab the file, but Hunter needs you hurry up and find it so you can release the information to the public! Use clues throughout the room to unlock various puzzles that will lead you closer to finding the file! Don’t miss your chance to solve the mystery, book today!

Underwater Themed Escape Room

Biloxi-Gulfport, MS

Dive to the bottom of the sea where you’ll be able to explore a sunken shipwreck with your friends. Together, your group will need to solve a series of puzzles – using only the items and hints provided inside. On this challenging deep blue escape room, you’ll try to unlock the mystery of an ocean relic believed to grant good fortune. But be careful! There may be danger from a monstrous sea creature who lurks about! There are only 60 minutes to progress through the storyline and find your way out!

Gold Mine Escape Room

Biloxi-Gulfport, MS

Travel back in time to the 1850s Pike’s Peak Gold Rush where you’ll need to unravel the secrets of the “Wasted While” Mine before the Hooligan Gang does! With your friends, you’ll uncover and decipher hidden clues in this indoor escape room experience to find the gold before the pesky hooligans claim the prize for themselves! There are only 60 minutes to progress through the storyline and find your way out, so grab your friends to see if you’ll be the ones to solve the mystery of Dudley Babbit. Book today!