Savannah Ghost Tours

You never know what you will encounter on a Ghost Tour in Savannah.  Join like-minded paranormal research enthusiasts and discover the under belly of history in Savannah. Explore the metaphysical with a paranormal sensitive tour guides and create a memory that lasts a lifetime!

13 Ghosts Haunted Walking Tour of Savannah

savannah, GA

If you are in search of all the things that go bump in the night, then you have found the right tour for you. Meet in the Historic District for this 13 Ghosts Haunted Walking Tour of Savannah and learn all about the things nightmares are made of. Join like-minded paranormal research enthusiasts on this tour that discovers the under belly of occult history in Savannah and explores the metaphysical with a paranormal sensitive guide. Come along on a tour where you never know what will happen.

Beyond Good and Evil Tour

Savannah, GA

Beyond Good and Evil Tour’s unique blend of humor, the macabre, voodoo, ghosts, local folklore, and legends has created Savannah’s most famous Ghost Tour. Explore Savannah’s most haunted locations such as Colonial Park Cemetery, Mercer-Williams House, Calhoun Square, and 432 Abercorn. Many of the locations are loosely related to the book, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” If you are a fan of the book and looking for a ghost tour, this is the one for you! Book your spot today!

The Dead of Night Ghost Tour

savannah, GA

Join your guide on Savannah’s newest and darkest Ghost Tour! If you are searching for a thrill night filled with the dark hauntings, demons, possession, and murders, this is the tour you want, The Dead of Night Tour focuses on the scariest hauntings and most aggressive ghosts that have plagued Savannah’s Historic District for years. Visit Colonial Park Cemetery, Wright Square, hear the story of Wally, and much more. Book your Dead of Night Ghost Tour today or else!

The Grave Tales Ghost Tour

Savannah, GA

Have you heard that Savannah is buried on top of the dead? Well, it is true. If you are in Savannah, you are probably not far from a hidden away cemetery. You will be shown the haunted ones such as Colonial Park Cemetery, Madison Square, and hear the Story of Alice Riley. You will also visit locations such as Savannah’s Haunted Mansions, Historic Homes, Burial Grounds, a Revolutionary War Battlefield, and so much more! Book your Grave Tales Ghost Tour Tour today!

Bonaventure Cemetery Walking Tour

savannah, GA

Join a Walking Tour of Bonaventure Cemetery, a world-famous cemetery in Savannah, Georgia. During this tour, focus on the history of the cemetery and the people buried inside. Get to know some of the most famous residents including Little Gracie, Conrad Aiken, Johnny Mercer, and more. Enjoy a walk through the cemetery, take in the hauntingly beautiful scenery, and maybe even see the occasional local wildlife. A trip to Savannah is not complete without a visit to Bonaventure Cemetery, so book your tickets today!

Savannah Ghosts and Gravestones Trolley Tour

Savannah, GA

Take a thrilling journey to the darker side of Savannah with this Ghosts and Gravestones Trolley Tour. Chilling history will be brought back to life as you visit ancient cemeteries and historic battlegrounds, as well as notoriously haunted sites. Dare to enter 2 infamously haunted venues to explore their shadows for yourself. This spooky experience presents Savannah’s dark history with a side of theatrics and humor. Book today!